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Fall 2023 Program

The Application for Fall 2023 will be released on July 10, 2023.

Please revisit this site at that time.

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The Financial Independence Track (FIT) is a program that aims to provide students with the resources and knowledge to help them work toward financial independence in college, in their careers, and in the future.  It consists of six interactive, one-hour sessions that will cover different aspects of real-world finance.  The goal of the FIT Program is to establish a foundation of what it takes to be financially independent, and for students to use the FIT Program as a platform to build from in the future.


Commit yourself to unleashing your potential through the Financial Independence Track (FIT).  The FIT Program is UM's commitment to fostering your financial success within the U and beyond.

4 Goals

  1. Learn how to finance your education in a sensible way

  2. Learn how to build and manage your credit

  3. Build confidence in your abilities to negotiate your salary

  4. Achieve financial independence!

Session Format

Each of the six sessions will be held in-person (Dates and Times TBD).  Students must attend each session to successfully complete the program.

Session Content

Session One: Budgeting and Financial Goal Setting

  • Achieving financial independence and living financial stress free
  • Tips and resources for staying in control of your long-term financial success
  • Developing a written personal finance vision for your “Life Plan”
  • Spending habit outcomes and creating a “Personal Spending and Savings Plan”
  • Understanding your priorities and the concept of “Paying Yourself First!”
  • Success strategies for where your money should go now and throughout your career

Session Two: Funding your Education and Renewing your Aid

  • What is financial aid and Cost of Attendance
  • Maintaining and renewing your financial aid
  • Applying for outside scholarships
  • Repayment of loans

Session Three: Internships and On-Campus Student Employment Opportunities

  • Employment options
  • The benefits of working at UM
  • Resume building
  • Exploring Handshake and JobX, and utilizing UM resources to improve your career development

Session Four: Real-World Finance

  • Learning the “lingo” and understanding personal finance terminology
  • Types of real-world finance, their true costs, and how each affects your credit
  • How to get the best rates
  • Managing your debt and strategic borrowing to support your “Life Plan”
  • Developing great credit now, maintaining it, and fixing “broken” credit
  • Credit cards, getting paid to pay your bills, and controlled spending

Session Five: Investing

  • Losing the fear: Understanding your investment options and getting started now
  • Thinking long term and molding investments around your “Life Plan”
  • Basic concepts of risk vs reward, diversification, portfolios, and investment costs
  • Understanding “Paying yourself first”, debt vs. investing and retirement funding
  • Opening a Roth IRA, researching/choosing stocks, and deciphering cryptocurrency
  • The costs related to investing 

Session Six: Salary Negotiation

  • Preparing for full-time job opportunities and the importance of internships
  • Evaluating your worth and comparing job opportunities
  • The full-time job application process
  • You've got the job offer … now what?
  • Evaluating the costs of your new job

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Click the button below to submit your application by the TBD deadline.  Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that it was received, and the FIT Program Committee will be in touch with you by TBD regarding the status of your application.  Availability in the FIT Program may be limited so apply today.

The Fall 2023 Application is coming on July 10, 2023.