Mission and Standards

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To provide a transformational and compassionate student service experience so that students feel valued and empowered to reach their full potential.

Service Excellence Standards


Employing a professional, humanistic, and inclusive service approach to create an atmosphere of student-centered care and exemplify world-class service

  • Exhibit a positive presence
  • Establish connections and create a culture of understanding through active listening
  • Represent a uniquely polished image


Proactively and transparently providing tailored services that empowers students to make informed decisions and enables them to focus on their academic and personal goals

  • Communicate with confidence to provide exceptional customer service
  • Streamline the student experience through cutting-edge technology
  • Educate students on processes, systems, and resources


Utilizing a multi-functional and multi-modal approach through a centralized service location to provide convenient, efficient, and responsive support

  • Approach each day with intentionality and adaptability
  • Work carefully but quickly
  • Reflect, self-evaluate, and pursue relevant knowledge


Viewing the student experience as a truly holistic endeavor and collaborating with various on-campus partners to provide comprehensive, accurate, and dependable solutions

  • Employ reliable processes to support students’ needs
  • Build trust through accurate responses
  • Develop reliable bridges between students and resources