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'Cane Cards are used as the University’s official identification cards.  All members of the University community are required to carry their 'Cane Cards on campus at all times, and to present them to faculty, administration, and University Police as requested.

’Canes Central serves as the main hub for students to address their 'Cane Card needs; faculty, administration, alumni, vendors, etc. must work through Parking & Transportation.  Learn more about student 'Cane Cards below.

New Card

Students will not be charged for their first 'Cane Card.  Newly admitted students will receive additional information via e-mail on how they can obtain their 'Cane Cards at Orientation.


It is recommended students promptly report lost or stolen 'Cane Cards to Campus Security at (305) 284-6666.  When students report their lost or stolen cards, their cards will be automatically deactivated to prevent fraudulent use.  Students can also deactivate their 'Cane Cards online through CaneLink at any time.  Once students receive replacement 'Cane Cards, they must reactivate their cards through CaneLink in order to restore their cards’ functionality.

Replacement Card

Students will be assessed a $25.00 fee to replace lost or stolen 'Cane Cards.  Replacement cards can be obtained at ’Canes Central.

Damaged Card

Students can replace their damaged 'Cane Cards at no charge if they provide their original, broken or defective 'Cane Cards to ’Canes Central.

Onity Building Access

Students who live on-campus and/or are granted additional access to University offices (e.g., for research purposes) may need to restore building access to new, replacement, or damaged cards through the Onity system.  Onity machines are available at the welcome station in ’Canes Central, the first floor lobby of the Donna E. Shalala Student Center, and the lobbies of each of the residential colleges.

Photograph Requirement

A valid photo identification must be presented to request a 'Cane Card.  All 'Cane Card photographs must conform to the specifications outlined in the 'Cane Card Photograph Requirements document.