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Some holds may impact your ability to register, send transcripts, or receive a diploma.  Other holds simply serve as markers and do not impact any services.  With registration quickly approaching, check your holds on CaneLink and work now to remove them.  We recommend you check regularly thereafter just in case a new hold is added before registration so you can act immediately.

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The details do interest me.  How can I be ready?

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Review Other Timely Topics below and access online knowledge articles to always find the answers to your questions.

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View other important dates on the full academic calendar.

Spring 2023

  • 02/25/23 = Last Day of 1st Session (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 03/05/23 = 1st Day of Course, 2nd Session (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 03/07/23 = Session 1 Grades Available to Students (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 03/08/23 = Last Day to Apply for Graduation for Spring and Summer (ALL)
  • 03/11/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course Without a “W” (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 03/11/23-03/19/23 = Spring Recess (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 03/13/23 = Anticipated Aid Removed from Spring 2023 Bill
  • 03/13/23-03/17/23 = Spring Break (LAW)
  • 03/13/23 = Classes for Summer/Fall 2023 Visible in CaneLink (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 03/13/23 = Shopping Carts Available for Summer/Fall 2023 (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 03/18/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course w/ 50% Refund (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 03/20/23 = Registration Appointments for Summer/Fall 2023 Visible in CaneLink (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 03/27/23 = Pass/Fail Option Deadline (LAW)
  • 03/29/23 = Last Day to Withdraw from a Course/Semester (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 04/01/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course With a "W" (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 04/03/23 = Registration Appointments Begin for Summer/Fall 2023 (UGRD/GRAD)



Interesting.  You made it.

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Around the Corner Campaign

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A wise person once said you should live in the moment, but to live in the moment you must be down the street and around the corner.  Our aim is for students to focus on their academic endeavors, which can be accomplished by anticipating important events and proactively completing administrative responsibilities.  The Around the Corner campaign was created to aid students in this pursuit.

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