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Congrats, Graduates!

We wish you much success!

You did it!  Our team wishes you all the best as you enter the next chapter of your journey.  Even though you are graduating, you can still reach out to our team and we will be happy to assist you.  Congratulations!



Grades, Transcripts, and Diplomas:

Timelines and Tidbits

Both graduating and continuing students should use the resources below to learn about reviewing grades, ordering transcripts, and understanding the diploma timeframe.

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Summer Happenings:

Important Topics for Summer Success

Throughout the summer, our team plans to send information to students and proxies about the Fall 2023 billing and financial aid season.  Stay tuned for timely updates as our team will be working to help students get all billing and financial aid loose ends tied up for the Fall 2023 bill release date.

Are you looking for summer employment?  Then apply now via JobX to join our TEMP Junior Associate team from 06/20/23 – 09/06/23!

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Be "Around the Corner"

and Plan Ahead

View other important dates on the full academic calendar.

Spring 2023

  • 05/10/23 = Semester Ends (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/10/23 = Upper Level Exams End (LAW)
  • 05/11/23 = Commencement for Graduate Students (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/11/23 = No Scheduled Exams (LAW)
  • 05/12/23 = Commencement for Undergraduate Students (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/12/23 = 1L Exams End (LAW)
  • 05/13/23 = Housing Closes at Noon (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/13/23 = Commencement (LAW)
  • 05/17/23 = Final Grades Available to Students in CaneLink (UGRD/GRAD)

Summer 2023

  • 05/10/23 = Bill Due (All Students)
  • 05/14/23 = Last Day to Drop Without a “W” (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 05/15/23 = Classes Begin for Summer A, C, and D (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/15/23 = Most 4 Credit Classes Begin (LAW)
  • 05/19/23 = Last Day to Drop Without a “W” for Summer A (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/22/23 = Most 3 Credit Classes Begin (LAW)
  • 05/25/23 = Last Day to Drop Without a “W” for Summer C and D (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 05/29/23 = Closed in observance of Memorial Day
  • 05/30/23 = Most 2 Credit Classes Begin (LAW)
  • 06/04/23 = Last Day to Drop With a “W” (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 06/19/23 = Closed in observance of Juneteenth
  • 06/20/23 = Classes Begin for Summer B (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 06/24/23 = Last Day of 1st Session (Miami Herbert Business Online)



FIT Program

Applications for 2023

The Financial Independence Track (FIT) is a program that aims to provide students with the resources and knowledge to help them work toward financial independence in college, in their careers, and in the future.  It consists of six interactive, one-hour sessions that will cover different aspects of real-world finance.

Would you like to join the FIT Program?  Applications for Fall 2023 will launch on 07/10/23.  Complete our Fall 2023 Interest Form so that you can be notified once applications become available.



Congrats, Ahjine and Allie!

We appreciate you!

The ’Canes Central team congratulates our fabulous Junior Associate, Ahjine, for completing her Bachelor’s degree and our fantastic Practicum Student, Allie, for completing her Master’s degree this Spring.  We appreciate everything you did for us and for the students, Ahjine and Allie!  Our team will miss you!



Around the Corner Campaign

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A wise person once said you should live in the moment, but to live in the moment you must be down the street and around the corner.  Our aim is for students to focus on their academic endeavors, which can be accomplished by anticipating important events and proactively completing administrative responsibilities.  The Around the Corner campaign was created to aid students in this pursuit.

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