Registration and Graduation Holds

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Some holds may impact your ability to register, send transcripts, or receive a diploma.  Other holds simply serve as markers and do not impact any services.  With registration and graduation quickly approaching, check your holds on CaneLink and work now to remove them.  You can Elevate Your Game by checking regularly thereafter just in case a new hold is added so you can act right away.

Waitlist vs. Swap: What's the difference?

Registration Begins Soon!


Summer and Fall 2022 registration is beginning soon.  Check your Registration Appointment in CaneLink, review our registration tips and tricks, and check out the important dates below so you are ready to register on or after your Registration Appointment time:

  • Classes Visible to Students = NOW!
  • Shopping Carts Available = NOW!
  • Registration Appointments Available = NOW!
  • Registration for Summer and Fall 2022 Begins = April 4th (on or after registration appointment time)

Financial Aid Packaging Updates

Feel at ease … Summer is coming!


Summer 2022 aid packages will be issued to students who (a) have a completed 2021-2022 FAFSA on file and (b) are enrolled at least half-time in courses that count toward their degree requirements, but only after (c) bills are released for the summer term.  Summer 2022 bills will be released on Monday, April 25th.

Fall/Spring 2022-2023 aid packages will be issued to students sometime in the summer, but the actual timeframes are still to be determined.  Students should periodically review their required 2022-2023 financial aid documents via CaneLink—this includes the 2022-2023 FAFSA—to ensure any newly requested documents are submitted and reviewed in a timely fashion.

Stay tuned for additional packaging updates and important billing dates in our future communications …

In Other News ...

It’s Tax Season …

and tax forms are ready

The University has mailed all 1098-T and 1042-S tax forms to eligible students.  We recommend you review our detailed 1098-T and 1042-S knowledge articles if you have any questions about these forms, and then reach out to our team if you need any additional assistance.

Why am I getting this?

Financial Aid Document Submission Requests

Missing Information Letters (MILs) are regularly sent to students via their UM email if they have any financial aid documents that are pending submission or evaluation.  Once submitted, these documents can take up to 15 business days to be reviewed.

If you receive a MIL, simply log in to CaneLink -> View Financial Aid -> 2021+ -> Documents and Messages to learn more about the documents being requested and how you can submit them.

Elevate Your Game and don’t wait for a MIL to be sent your way; check CaneLink to review your pending documents for this year (i.e., 2021-2022) and next year (i.e., 2022-2023).

Common Document = “Conflict-Add’l Info May Be Required”

  • This document is simply a marker to let you know other documents may be requested of you as the financial aid team works on developing your financial aid package; keep an eye out for additional MILs in case other documents are requested

Money Management Program

Hiring Graduate Assistants

The Money Management Program (MMP) is looking for two graduate students to help advance the personal finance skills of those at UM and in the local community.  This role will include presentations both on and off campus, as well as the planning, development, and marketing of MMP programming.  If you have excellent presentation skills, a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, and related customer service and/or financial literacy experience, please the job posting for more information and to apply.

“Get Help With …” Knowledge Articles

Online Resources Available 24/7


Have you clicked “Get Help With …” on our website?  If not, Elevate Your Game because you’re missing out!  This link provides you with a plethora of online, user-friendly knowledge articles that help you find many of the answers you need.  And they are available to you 24/7.  Check it out today!