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Final Exam Schedule

Click here to review the final exam schedule and policy because final exams are just around the corner.  We wish you the best as you finish strong this semester!

The Final Chapter

Waitlist vs. Swap

We hope you enjoyed our Waitlist vs. Swap series!

It’s not too late to try and snag a spot in the class you desire for Summer or Fall.  Learn how you can maximize your chances of snagging that spot by reviewing our waitlist vs. swap information and act today.

Our recommendation: Register for a full schedule of courses that will count toward your degree requirements and then use the swap feature to see if that can happen.  You have through the Last Day to Add, which, for Fall, is still months away.

swap 1

swap 2

swap 3

Click here for more information.

Summer Bill Due 5/12/22: All Summer Sessions and Intersession

bill due

Students who are enrolled in the Summer term have already started to receive billing notices for Summer A, Summer B, Summer C, and Summer Intersession courses.  Bills for all summer sessions are due on Thursday, May 12thClick here to learn more about your payment options and make your payment arrangements today.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Fall Billing Dates …

Financial Aid Packaging Updates: Keeping you informed 1 communication at a time …

Summer Aid Packaging

Packaging Has Begun

Summer aid packaging has begun!  For students to receive a Summer aid package, they must:

  • be enrolled at least half-time in courses that count toward their degree
  • have completed the 2021-2022 FAFSA
  • submitted all pending packaging Documents

Summer aid packages will be issued to students by the end of the following business week once students meet these criteria.

A note on Summer Bright Futures: If you are awarded Summer Bright Futures, those funds will not disburse to your account until after Census Date (i.e., the day after the Last Day to Drop Without a “W” for the Summer session in which you are enrolled in your 6th credit).

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Intersession Aid Eligibility

COA Appeal Form Needed

Students who are enrolled in Intersession courses can now submit a Cost of Attendance (COA) Appeal Form to be considered for additional aid eligibility.  Upon review, students’ COA would be increased, which would allow them to pursue additional loan dollars to cover their Intersession courses.

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Fall/Spring Aid Packaging

Keep an Eye Open for Requested Documents

Aid packages for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 will be made available in the summer.  If they haven’t already done so, we highly recommend students submit the 2022-2023 FAFSA right away.  Also, students should be sure to act on any Missing Information Letter (MIL) emailed to them as each newly submitted document can take up to 15 business days to review, so a quick submission of requested items will help facilitate the packaging process (Note: Submission of some documents may trigger requests for others).

Here are the package release dates as of today:

  • Undergraduate Students = Packages will start being released by June 1st
  • Graduate Students = Packages will start being released by June 1st
  • Law Students = Stay tuned for more information …
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Moving From On-Campus to Off-Campus?

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Additional Resources


Use This Tool to Adjust Federal Loans

Do you not want to borrow all the loan funds you were offered?  Are you having trouble determining how much to borrow as you account for origination fees?  Then click here to use our Federal Loan Revision Calculator and learn more about the process to revise your federal and/or private loans.

health and counseling

Available for Students Continuing in Fall

Students who are not enrolled in Summer 2022 but who are enrolled in the Fall 2022 semester can add the Health and Counseling Center Fee if they wish to utilize resources at Student Health and/or the Counseling Center over the Summer term.  Click here to learn how.

Positions Still Available!