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Happy Thanksgiving!

- From the ’Canes Central Team

We hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.  Travel safely and we will see you when you return.  Enjoy the break!


You'll Be Thankful You Completed It!

Priority Deadline = February 1, 2023

Will you be enrolled next academic year?  If so, submit your 2023-2024 FAFSA today!  As long as you filed your 2021 taxes, you can simply use the IRS’ Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) to import your tax information directly into your 2023-2024 FAFSA for a quick and easy submission process.

Remember: Submitting by the priority deadline ensures you will be considered for the maximum amount of the available funds as some funds are limited (e.g., SEOG for undergraduate students).  While submitting your FAFSA by the priority deadline does not guarantee you will receive such limited funds, it will ensure your aid application is considered when these funds are allocated.  You will also, if needed, be prompted to submit additional documents so the financial aid processing team can finalize your aid package sooner.

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Gobble Up Desired Courses

Use the Swap Feature in CaneLink

There is a difference between Waitlist and Swap.  Because enrollment affects billing and financial aid, we recommend you register for a full schedule of courses that would work for your degree requirements—do this even if they are not your first-choice times, sections, etc.—and then use the Swap feature to try and secure a seat in your preferred class sections.  This will help you maximize your chances of enrollment and avoid complications.

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spring bills

Black Friday Shopping?

Plan for Spring 2023 First

Enjoy your holidays by reviewing your payment options and planning ahead for the Spring 2023 billing cycle.

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Set the Table for Academic Success

Review Your Final Exam Schedule

Classes will be ending soon, which means final exams are just around the corner.  All final exams are scheduled in line with the University’s Final Exam Schedule and Final Exam Policy.  It is recommended you review this information now so you can budget your study time accordingly over the coming weeks.  If you are not sure your courses require final exams and/or you cannot find the information you need in our knowledge article, please refer to your syllabi or speak directly with your instructors.

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Fall May Come and Go ...

But Important Dates are Great to Keep in Mind!

  • 11/21/22 and 11/22/22 = All classes held remotely
  • 11/23/22 – 11/27/22 = THANKSGIVING RECESS
  • 12/7/22 = Classes End
  • 12/8/22 = Reading Day
  • 12/9/22 – 12/15/22 = Final Exams
  • 12/12/22 = Billing Notices for Spring 2023 Begin
  • 12/12/22 = Monthly Payment Plan Sign up Available
  • 12/16/22 = Fall 2022 Commencement
  • 12/22/22 = Fall 2022 Grades Released
  • 1/10/23 = Health Insurance Waiver Deadline for New Spring 2023 Students
  • 1/12/23 = Bills Due for Spring 2023


Unleash a Cornucopia of Opportunity

Attend "Money Talks" and Prepare for Your Financial Future

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