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What are holds?

Holds can be placed onto students’ accounts for various reasons.  Some serve simply as identifiers that show students belong to specific groups and do not impact students in any way (e.g., remoter learners), while others prompt action and may prevent students from registering, ordering transcripts, and receiving diplomas (e.g., academic advising).

Students can view their holds from their CaneLink Student Center using the following steps:


Learn more about some of the common holds listed below, review your account to see if you currently have any holds, and take the specified action today to address them.


Are all holds already applied that may impact registration?

No, not all holds may be applied at this time.  For example, the majority of the Academic Advising Required holds will be applied to students’ accounts on Wednesday, March 17th.  We highly recommend you take action now on any holds you currently see on your account, and that you regularly monitor your student record—at least weekly—until registration just in case another hold does get applied.




What holds impact registration?

Below is a list of common holds that prevent registration and the steps students must take to resolve them: 



How do I resolve it?


Academic Advising Required


Please see your assigned Academic Advisor in order to plan your schedule.  Reach out to your advisor(s) listed in your CaneLink Student Center and/or consult the Academic Advising links available on our website.


Admission Office: Final Transcript


Please see Admission Office about submitting your final transcript or e-mail


Academic Dean

(other types)


Review the contents of the hold on your CaneLink Student Center and take the appropriate action.


Dean of Student


Review the contents of the hold on your CaneLink Student Center and take the appropriate action.


Incorrect of Missing SSN


Your SSN/TIN on file is incorrect or missing and needs to be updated.  Please complete the "Social Security / Tax Identification Number Update Form" online to process this update.  This form is accessible at  Once you complete this form, the information will be processed and, if the information you submitted was correct, this hold will be removed within 3 business days.  You will receive an email notification once your submission has been processed. If the SSN Hold is still on your record after having received the processed email, it means your submission was declined.  Please log back onto the SSN submission portal to see the reason for the decline and how to rectify it.


Past Due / Cancellation


Click on the “Payments/Account Summary” link from your CaneLink Student Center to review your account balance.  You can see a breakdown of your charges by clicking on “Account Activity” and “See Details” for the appropriate semester.  This balance must be paid in full for the hold to be removed.  Once the balance is paid, the hold will be removed automatically within 1-2 hours.  To learn more about payment options, check out the “Paying Your Bill” section of our website at




Do other holds impact registration?


  • Example = The “Intl Student Scholar Services” hold for a final transcript will affect registration. Click on the hold to learn how to resolve it.

Maybe not.

  • Example = The “Remote Learning” hold display in that menu is in fact not a hold but a marker that a student is remote this semester. This can be seen by clicking on the hold and reviewing the “Instructions.”


  • Review your CaneLink Student Center today and take action on all pending holds so you too can Beat the Rush!