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New CaneLink Student Experience: Need Help During Registration?

The student CaneLink experience has a new look.  The information available to students is the same, but the way in which students navigate to access it may feel different.  Take some time to review the new Dashboard, understand how to use the new Schedule Builder, and learn how to search for classes, add, drop, waitlist, swap, etc.

Help is Here During Registration!

’Canes Central team members in collaboration with the Registrar and UMIT will host in-person technical support hours during the first week of registration to help students with any CaneLink concerns.  Our team has assigned personnel to help students navigate any CaneLink challenges through 6 self-service kiosks during the following times:

  • Dates = Monday, November 8th – Friday, November 12th
  • Hours = 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Location =’Canes Central lobby

Make note and swing by if you need us!

Disclaimer: These technical support hours do not replace academic advising.  Our team can only assist with the mechanics of navigating the CaneLink system and performing those tasks that students would normally be able to perform on their own.  We can also assist with completed Drop/Add or Course Request Forms.  Students should consult their academic advisor with questions related to advising holds, what courses to add/drop, etc.

Other Technical Support Options

Students can always reach out to the UMIT Service Desk with questions or technical difficulties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive CaneLink support.  Call (305) 284-6565 or email for assistance.


Registration Begins Next Week

Registration begins next week and students will be able to register on or after their designated registration appointment time as long as they have no holds that impact registration.  Students will then be able to register, add, and drop up to the dates specified to do so in the academic calendar.  Review the resources below for details.


Appointment dates and times are specific to each student and are generated based on how many credit hours students have completed (see the Registration Schedule for a breakdown).  This does not include credits that are in progress or not yet transferred to UM.  Registration appointments are presented to students on CaneLink under “Enrollment Dates” and they dictate the date and time when students can begin registration.


Holds can be placed onto students’ accounts for various reasons.  Some serve simply as identifiers that show students belong to specific groups and do not impact students in any way (e.g., remoter learners), while others prompt action and may prevent students from registering, ordering transcripts, and receiving diplomas (e.g., academic advising).  Click here to learn more.


The Academic Calendar is the official University calendar that lists important deadlines related to registration, add deadlines, drop deadlines, graduation applications, readmission, etc.  This is one resource every student should access/download each semester so they understand what important dates are coming their way.  From our website, hover over the “Home” button, click “Registration and Records,” and click “Academic Calendars” under the “Registration Tools” section to access the Academic Calendar.



Your Enrollment Impacts Your Bill

It’s important to register for a full schedule from the get-go as registration impacts future billing.  Students who enroll part-time may only be charged on a per credit basis for only those credits in which they are enrolled, and not all fees required of full-time students may post for part-time students.  If students enroll in additional credits at a later time—even if this is because they got a spot in a class off of a waitlist—the per credit rate and the fees may be adjusted accordingly, which means new balances may appear on students’ bills.

Our Recommendation

If you do not plan to attend full-time, then you may be all set!  If you do not use financial aid, then you may be all set too!

Otherwise, it is highly recommended you register for a full schedule of courses that will satisfy your degree requirements—even if it is not your 100% desired schedule—and then set up swaps, not waitlists, to maximize your ability to enroll in your preferred courses by accounting for potential enrollment issues.  This will also eliminate any unnecessary impact on your future bill.

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’Canes Central Online Self-Help Articles

Need help after hours?  Just want a quick answer to a quick question?  Then access our online, self-help Knowledge Articles by clicking “Get Help With …” on our website.  Our team put together a robust knowledge base that is updated and enhanced throughout the year.  Check it out and utilize this resource today!

Fun Fact: Most of the links in this communication take you to the “Get Help With …” knowledge articles.

It’s Time: 2022-2023 FAFSA Priority Deadline

Any student who would like to be considered for federal financial aid must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The priority deadline for continuing students to submit the FAFSA for the 2022-2023 academic year is February 1, 2022.  Be sure to submit the 2022-2023 FAFSA—not the 2021-2022 FAFSA—which will use your family’s 2020 tax returns.

Even though financial aid awards for 2022-2023 will not be officially sent until the Summer, it is important you submit your FAFSA now to be considered for the maximum amount of the available funds as some funds are limited (e.g., SEOG for undergraduate students).  It’s also important you submit your FAFSA sooner than later in case you are asked to submit additional forms, tax documents, etc. to confirm your financial aid eligibility.  The longer you wait to submit your FAFSA, the longer it will take to request documents, the longer it will take to develop your award package.

Don’t delay … submit today!

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