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The Fall 2022 semester is quickly approaching … Our ’Canes Central production team has been hard at work to present you with the Fall Releases below so you are ready for the beginning of the term.  Read more about each feature by clicking on the links below and prepare yourself for a successful Fall 2022 start.  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus!

Swag Alert

Can you name the 10 movie covers we’ve imitated below?  If so, complete our Fall Releases Quiz by Friday, August 12th, and you will receive an email at the end to present to a 'Canes Central team member for a peice of 'Canes Central swag when you return for the Fall 2022 semester (while supplies last).  We look forward to seeing you in August!



Proxy Access


Only students will have access to their academic records once they begin their first class at the University of Miami unless they assign proxy access to others.  Now is the perfect time for students to confirm proxy access is assigned and for proxies to confirm they completed all steps to finalize proxy set-up. 

Billing Timeline and Payment Options




The Fall 2022 bill is being generated now with the 1st billing notice set to be sent via email on Monday, July 11th.  Learn more about the bill due date, financial aid disbursements, and refund timelines, and review how to pursue the array of available payment options, which include in-person payments, online payments, Monthly Payment Plans, Florida Prepaid Plans, 529 Payments, Third Party Payments, Tuition Remission, Financial Aid, Outside Scholarships, and more …

Optional Fees and Health Insurance


Most fees are mandatory but, in some circumstances, some students may be eligible to opt-in or opt-out of limited fees by the applicable deadlines.  All students, regardless of their year in school, must waive the Health Insurance each year by the July 15th deadline if they have outside insurance coverage.

Title IV Permissions


Federal Title IV financial aid funds may be applied only to tuition, mandatory fees, and on-campus room and board charges unless students provide permission to apply them toward other University costs as well (e.g., health insurance, parking, etc.).  Without this permission, a refund may be issued and students may need to pay any remaining balance.

Financial Aid Packaging


Release Dates

  • Undergraduate Students = Packaging is already underway
  • Graduate Students = Packaging is already underway
  • Law Students = Packages will start rolling out via email at the end of July … hang tight and stay tuned for updates …

Financial aid packaging for the 2022-2023 academic year is already underway in line with the Release Dates listed above.  Students can utilize our resources to learn about types of aid, how to apply for aid, and how to view financial aid in CaneLink.  They can also understand reasons why financial aid may not yet appear in CaneLink, which includes missing documents (e.g., FL Residency documents).

Loan Revision


Students may be able to request an increase or decrease to their offered or accepted loan amounts, depending on loan type, eligibility, room in COA, etc.  Utilize our Federal Loan Revision Calculator and learn how to revise various types of loans.

Registration and the Academic Calendar


There is still time for students to try to get into the classes they desire for Fall 2022.  Review the various add/drop deadlines on the Academic Calendar, understand how to remove holds, and learn the difference between waitlist vs. swap.  Students should work with their academic advisor if they need assistance selecting classes.  Remember: Enrollment may impact billing and aid, so its important students enroll in a full schedule as soon as possible.

’Cane Cards


New students for Fall 2022 must submit their ’Cane Card ID photo online by the July 20th deadline.  This will save time at check in as the ’Cane Card will be pre-printed for arrival.  Once the photo is approved, students will receive an email to their UM email address with information on ’Cane Card pick up.

Online Self-Help Resources


Did you know we have a robust collection of online self-help articles that is accessible by clicking Get Help With …  from our homepage?  Learn from our experience and become a Knowledge Article expert to address many of your questions 24/7.

Additional Questions?


Contact our team!  We are available via our 5 Ways to Connect at www.canescentral.miami.edu/contact.  We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!