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This calculator can be used to assist you with the loan revision process.  Keep in mind the amount of loan dollars you can receive is based on your loan eligibility, Cost of Attendance (COA), aggregate loan limits, etc.  Once you determine your desired Gross and Net Amounts, thoroughly review the information in the Loan Revision Process links below to learn more about your loan eligibility and to understand how to properly revise your loans.


Gross Amount = Total amount of the loan.  This is the amount you agree to borrow and are responsible for during repayment.

Origination Fee = This is a percentage of the Gross Amount that is deducted by the loan provider prior to disbursement.

Net Amount = Loan amount remaining after the Origination Fee is deducted that will disburse to your student account.


*Disclaimer: These calculations are based on the origination fees put in place for federal loans disbursed on or after 10/1/2020 and before 10/1/2023.  All calculations are approximate; small differences may appear in actual disbursed amounts.

Loan Revision Details

Loan Revision Process

Click on the links below to learn how much you can borrow in line with your loan eligibility, Cost of Attendance (COA), aggregate loan limits, etc., and to understand how you can revise your loans:

Loan Terms (i.e., Semesters)

When you complete the Loan Revision Process, you will be asked to specify the semester(s) you would like to revise (i.e., loan term).

Keep in mind if you elect to revise a “Full Year (Fall/Spring)” loan, the Gross Amount borrowed will be split evenly between the two semesters so that half of the Net Amount will be disbursed in the Fall and the other half of the Net Amount will be disbursed in the Spring.  It’s important you account or this in your Loan Revision Process so you do not inadvertently borrow half the amount you desire.

By contrast, if you elect for a “Spring Only” or “Summer Only” revision, the full Gross Amount will be borrowed for that term and the full Net Amount will be disbursed for that term.


Federal loans begin to disburse 10 days prior to the beginning of the semester.  Other forms of aid (e.g., Bright Futures) may not disburse until the Census Date has passed (i.e., until after the Last Day to Drop Without a “W”).

For federal loans to disburse, you must complete all pending Documents, especially your Master Promissory Note and your Entrance Counseling.  Review your pending Documents in CaneLink under “View Financial Aid” --> “2021+” --> Documents and Messages” for the appropriate academic year.  Learn more here.