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Are you seeing “Around the Corner”?

Let us help you get a clear picture!  The Fall 2023 Preparation Guide is designed to provide you with the information you need to seamlessly transition into the Fall semester.  Be “around the corner” by thoroughly reviewing the information below and acting now so you can focus on your academics from Day 1.  If you are unable to locate the information you need via these resources, know our dedicated team is here to assist you via any of our 5 Ways to Connect.  We look forward to seeing you soon!



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Billing & Payment

“If you don't get started, you'll never be done.  You can get started by being proactive, and if you ever need guidance, come visit us at ’Canes Central!” – Monica, ’Canes Central Associate

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  • Billing Timeline


    Throughout the week, your Fall 2023 will be populated with tuition, fees, housing, aid, etc.—this will take time—but your bill will be released next Monday, 7/17/23Learn more.

  • Understanding the Bill


    Review a breakdown of your charges and credits, and take steps to finalize your payments (Remember: Bills will be generated this week in preparation for the 7/17/23 release).  Learn more.

  • Optional Fees + Health Insurance Waivers


    Fee requirements vary by academic career, but deadlines must be met for students to opt-in or -out if they are eligible (e.g., Health Insurance waivers are due for all students, new and continuing, by 7/15/23).  Learn more.

  • Mail-in Payments


    Confirm you have the proper address to send your 529 and check payments.  Learn more.

  • Other Payment Options


    Learn more about your payment options so you can meet the bill due date of 8/10/23Learn more.


financial aid

Financial Aid

“Keep believing and keep dreaming; you never know what big things are just around the corner.” – Jennifer, ’Canes Central Associate

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financial aid

Registration & Records

“If you can look around the corner, we will get you around the corner!  We communicate pending requirements and are here to facilitate the process.” – Carlos, ’Canes Central Associate

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  • Swap vs. Waitlist


    OUR RECOMMENDATION: Register for a full schedule and then leverage swap to ensure you have a feasible schedule and to not inadvertently impact your bill and/or financial aid.  Learn more.

  • Academic Calendar


    This resource provides important dates related to add/drop deadlines, graduation applications, etc.  Learn more.

  • Proxy Access


    Information about your bill, aid, and grades/transcripts can only be shared with people students designate as official proxies in CaneLink.  Learn more.


cane card

'Cane Card

“Always be prepared and you shall succeed.  ’Canes Central will be here to help you every step of the way!” – Abby, ’Canes Central Associate

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Join us!

“Whatever you are ready for is ready for you.  Students can get ready by constantly checking their emails for communication and passing by ’Canes Central to make sure everything has been received and is ready to go.” – Yasmeen, ’Canes Central Associate

“By students who are around the corner gain access to new experiences and new opportunities without stressors.” – Ahjine, ’Canes Central Associate

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Be "Around the Corner"

and Plan Ahead

View other important dates on the full academic calendar.

Summer 2023

  • 07/08/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course Without a “W” for Session 2 (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 07/10/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course for Summer B (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 07/17/23-07/19/23 = Most Summer Classes End (LAW)
  • 07/19/23 = Classes End for Summer B & C (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 07/20/23-07/21/23 = Reading Days (LAW)
  • 07/21/23 = Final Exams for Summer B & C (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 07/24/23-07/26/23 = Final Exams (LAW)
  • 07/26/23 = Grades Released for Summer B & C (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 07/29/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course With a “W” for Session 2 (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 08/02/23 = Classes End for Summer D (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 08/04/23 = Final Exams for Summer D (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 08/09/23 = Grades Released for Summer D (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 08/19/23 = Last Day of 2nd Session (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 09/05/23 = Session 2 Grades Available to Students (Miami Herbert Business Online)

Fall 2023

  • 07/10/23 = Bill Calculation Week
  • 07/17/23 = Billing Notices Begin
  • 08/07/23 = Deadline for Readmission (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 08/10/23 = Bill Due
  • 08/14/23 = Readmission Deadline (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 08/18/23 = 1L Classes Begin (LComm) (LAW)
  • 08/21/23 = Classes Begin (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 08/21/23 = Classes Begin (LAW)
  • 08/24/23 = Last Day for Registration and to Add a Course (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 08/29/23 = Add Ends (LAW)
  • 08/30/23 = Last Day for Registration and to Add a Course (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 09/04/23 = Closed for Labor Day
  • 09/04/23 = 1st Day of Course, 1st Session (Miami Herbert Business Online)
  • 09/05/23 = Drop Ends without W (LAW)
  • 09/06/23 = Last Day to Drop a Course Without a “W” (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 09/06/23 = Deadline to Apply for Inactive Status (UGRD/GRAD)
  • 09/06/23 = Deadline to Apply for Non-UM Programs (UGRD/GRAD)


Around the Corner Campaign

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A wise person once said you should live in the moment, but to live in the moment you must be down the street and around the corner.  Our aim is for students to focus on their academic endeavors, which can be accomplished by anticipating important events and proactively completing administrative responsibilities.  The Around the Corner campaign was created to aid students in this pursuit.

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